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The project

Enhance helps develop businesses and social enterprises that reduce London’s waste, reuse resources or work with recycled materials. Established in 2004, the programme has helped grow over 210 green enterprises in London and continues to create new businesses and jobs. As a result, Enhance is improving the way London manages its waste and resources, developing supply chains for recycled materials London and creating a more sustainable capital.

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Build Your Brand Awareness in London

Why do we assume that simple is good? Because with physical products, we have to feel we can dominate them. As you bring order to complexity, you find a way to make the product defer to you. Simplicity isn’t just a visual style. Start creating products with your company logo on to build a simple yet well known brand.

Top Tip: If you want to become a London company, but cannot yet afford to have premises in London, get a virtual London number pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone. These are readily available from and make you appear to be a London based company without actually being in London. They are much cheaper that renting an office in London!  

By providing free advice and support, Enhance helps innovative green enterprises make significant economic, social and environmental contributions to London, by:

* accessing business development funding from a £2 million capital fund
* becoming more efficient by reducing the amount of waste created
* increasing profitability by reusing materials or products
* accessing new engineered oak flooring markets and increasing sales
* finding land and premises

The Enhance team of experts from the recycling, social enterprise and business sectors has been brought together through delivery partners London Remade and London Community Recycling Network. Their extensive networks enable the provision of this unique, practical support programme.

The Enhance programme is supported by £4.8 million from the London Development Agency.

London Remade - The Business of Recycling

London Remade is in the business of recycling, creating environmental solutions for a sustainable capital. This is achieved through developing markets for recycled products, providing tailored support to help grow green enterprises and introducing green practices to businesses. For more information on London Remade and its projects please visit

London Remade runs a number of projects related to the Enhance programme, including Enviro-Entrepreneur - a three-day business school to nurture entrepreneurial talent within the recycling sector.

London CRN

London CRN is a not-for-profit, second tier organisation, dedicated to supporting and promoting community-based sustainable waste management activities, and make them the preferred solution - financially, socially and environmentally - for the people of London. For more information on London CRN, please visit

London CRN runs a number of projects related to the Enhance programme:

* Building Partnerships - creating partnerships between local authorities and the community sector, to enable community sector organisations to deliver services locally.
* Compost Networks - working concurrently to support home composting by training Master Composters and providing support to community compost organisations.
* London Furniture Reuse Network - co-ordinating and supporting the furniture recycling organisations in London.
* CRED Business Support - a one-to-one support service for community groups applying to the CRED Programme.