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Accessing new markets

Many smaller and medium-sized companies and enterprises are unable to effectively exploit the commercial opportunities presented by the public and private sector supply chain in London.

These organisations are often unaware of the need for:

* quantified, quality processes
* sustainable development policies
* managed audited accounts
* health and safety certification

The Enhance team of business experts aims to work with Enhance users to overcome these barriers and enrich their offering through improving:

* access to markets and suppliers
* access to London's public sector and specifically their procurement programmes
* development of in-house systems that will help them comply with procurement requirements

Enhance aims to establish links with likely tendering organisations such as local authorities and other public and private bodies in order to ensure that Enhance users are aware of these opportunities.

For more information on the tenders, please visit the Knowledge Centre, where there are details of tenders currently available or where else to look for them.
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