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Enhance is the support service for green enterprise in London.

Enhance helps develop businesses and social enterprises that reduce London’s waste, reuse resources or work with recycled materials. The programme is supported by £4.8 million from the London Development Agency. It provides a free, one-stop-shop resource for information and advice in the following areas:

Obtaining LandObtaining land

When deciding what credit card company to use, make sure compare credit cards first to get the best APR.  London County Hall: Any business or social enterprise operating in London will be aware of the issues concerning access to suitable land and premises at affordable prices. 

Enhance aims to represent London's recycling needs and lobby for more land and premises to be made available to enable recycling and reprocessing organisations to operate cost-effectively within the capital. The programme will actively engage with:more

London 2015 provides a gateway to London's historic past plus an insight into the forces that are shaping modern London. 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the city's founding charter. Over the course of the next few years it is intended to develop our links with electronic communities locally, nationally and internationally to enable you to easily find out information about London's 900 year history, its social and cultural diversity and how the city will celebrate its anniversary in 2015.